To my “White Bird” followers

Just some late night (early morning?) thoughts I felt like sharing.

Who is Daniel Knight?

From a very early age I invented heroes. Many of them were in the comic books. Some of them I invented myself. Sometimes I picked close family members and created heroes out of them in my mind. I expected so much of them that they just could not quite live up to the standards I set for my heroes. 
            I finally sat down and wrote this tale of a young boy learning of the plan destiny had for him at the age of twelve. How he handled his own doubts and fears while rising to tasks set before him is nothing but heroic. I am not sure how I created him and how much he created me. I just know that Daniel will always arise to the moment through his doubts, fears, pain and loneliness. I also know that while I write of him I am less afraid of the tasks set before me. 
            Daniel Knight is my hero and will never let me down. It is a hope inside of me that YOU the reader, can find a little of that magic while you are visiting his world.
Please come visit.


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